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Exploring Canterbury and Christchurch

Thanks to jetlag, I was able to sleep until about 1pm today. I was still tired but really eager to explore the uni so I forced myself out of bed. Mike and I decided to find the Economics and Psychology buildings while also trying to learn the campus. Everything is very modern styled and clean. The campus, and actually all of Christchurch, is a very well kept area. We went to the Recreation Center and checked out the rock climbing wall, squash courts, workout centers, and all of the other activities. I cannot wait to try rock climbing.

Later, we found Aleesha and ventured into the city of Christchurch. After purchasing metro passes, we walked around looking for a place to have dinner. The city is so fascinating I can't even find words to do it justice. It is about 12 blocks long and filled with many adorable shops, statues, gardens and other attractions. We easily got lost for three hours and finally settled on a place for dinner, grabbed the metro back to uni, and found our way back to the Ilam Apartments, which, is NOT an easy task. Tomorrow the forecast is 80 degrees and sunny so we are planning on going to Sumner Beach around 1pm. Sounds late right? Typically in the US people run to be at the beach by 9am! In New Zealand, due to daylight savings time, the sun is blaring until 8pm! I can already tell that this is the trip of a lifetime and I have yet to touch on the big adventures.

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Arrival in Christchurch

Arrival time -9:12 am
The 24 hour plane ride was a killer but I was happy to meet other University of Canterbury students along the way. The cab drove us to the "uni" and I was guided to my room (149 Block K). the campus is absolutely beautiful and the weather is amazing. Today it was sunny and about 78 degrees. After dropping off my luggage, I walked outside only to find Dan looking for me! It was so nice to see a familiar face while being so far from home! Dan spent the afternoon playing tour guide and helping Allie, Mel, and I get more acquainted with our immediate surroundings. Dan then came over to my apartment and we reminisced for a while about Geneseo last year. After he left, I met one of my flatmates - Aleesha. She is from the North Island and we are very, very similar. It is her first time in Christchurch also so it will be fun to explore together. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our other three flatmates! Aleesha and I spent the night cooking dinner, sharing life stories, and then getting ready to go out. Later, Mel came over and the three of us traveled out to Sol Square. We had a blast and didn't stop laughing the entire night until we fell asleep. All in all, it was an unbelievable first day.

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