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First Day of Classes 21/2/11

Finally the first day of classes arrived! I woke up pretty early and headed to the gym since I didn't have to be in class until noon and I knew I would have a long day ahead of me. I left the flat around 11:30 because I didn't know exactly where the building that I needed to go to was located. It was the Law building located on the far right side of campus. I didn't recognize anyone in my class so I sat next to a kid who also seemed to be alone. His name is Tom and he's from Wellington. We chatted for a little while until the professor decided to start class. This was my Economic Game Theory class and the lecture hall contained about 60 students. This number may change throughout the next two weeks because Canterbury students have until March 2 to add/drop classes. Anyway, my professor is from Canada which means I can easily understand him and he spent most of the first fifty minutes just introducing himself and the class. Then, we have a twenty minute break before returning for the next half of the class. Most people seemed to go outside and sit on the lawn for those twenty minutes so I did the same. First, I sat by myself and just listened to music but after a couple of mins, I saw a group of three students that I had recognized from the class. I went over and introduced myself to them and explained that I didn't know anyone. They asked me to sit down and we started talking about the US and New Zealand. Two of them had been born in the US and moved to NZ around the age of ten and the third was originally from and obviously still in New Zealand. We talked for the twenty minutes and then I sat with them when we walked back inside. They all seemed really nice so it was a great first class! (Oh and even better, my final is during class on May 30 so depending on my other two finals I may have more time to travel than I originally thought since I am in New Zealand until June 28th!)

Next, I moved to Industrial Organization Economics for two hours. My professor seems really nice here also but she DID shout me out in front of the whole class as being the only exchange student - which was embarrassing. I saw Dan later on and he just explained that she is part of the study abroad/exchange program at the school so she really encourages it. He said she did the same thing to him when he took the class and was planning his trip to Geneseo. This class will definitely be more work than the Game Theory class but that was expected since it is a 300 level. We have readings, problem sets, and tutorial sessions to attend for help with the problem sets which is pretty cool. After class, I went to the library to try and figure out my canterbury email situation and luckily it is now working! At the library, I also worked on finding a way to bind the book I need to create for my Industrial Organization class and they have a copy center that can take care of the whole thing! I saw Dan at the library (so random) and we talked for a while before I walked back to my room. We were all doing homework for most of the night and then Aleesha, Sophie and I went out for a walk (we were really trying to find playgrounds but it turned out to be unsuccessful).

Today, I have another Game Theory class at noon. Unfortunately, today was also supposed to be the clubs fair but since it is raining, they postponed it until tomorrow. This is the first day of rain since we've been here though so I can't really complain too much!

Posted by topspin98 12:27

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Sounds like a great first day! I can imagine that you turned every shade of red when your professor pointed you out as the exchange student. And, by the way, if your classes are done early, you can always come home! lol Love you and be safe :)

by geneseomom

Hey Bisnca,
Last night my brother called to tell me what happened in NZ. This morning I heard from my mother that you are fine and that you were six miles away. Anyway, I am glad you're fine. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your time there.
Marisa Commisso

by Marisa20

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