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Unfortunately, the weather here hasn't been the best these past couple of days. By that, I mean it has been about 70 and somewhat cloudy. (sorry for those who are experiencing snow right now!) I've seen Dan more which has been fun and still weird that he lives right down the street. All students have just been hanging out around campus and getting acquainted with one another over these past couple of days.

BUT today, my flatmates and I experienced the funniest moment since our arrival to new zealand (and we had a perfect view of the entire situation). The RAs were hosting a carnival on Ilam fields so we decided to all walk over together and check it out. It wasn't as much fun as they made it sound but Liz and I still participated in the bounce house obstacle course and then we all walked around for a while and listened to the band they had playing. After a while, we got bored and decided to sit in the green, quad-like area outside of our flat and meet people since so many people pass that regularly. We all grabbed towels from the room and brought magazines outside to read together. Being five girls, we flipped through Cosmo and were dying laughing at pretty much everything when, out of nowhere, five guys run over carrying gym equipment (bench, weights, etc.) while wearing costumes such as the Joker and Spiderman. They instantly start "working out" and ask us what we are doing at the gym on this beautiful day. We all start laughing and obviously ask the inevitable, "what are you talking about?" They say "we don't know why the uni decided to put the gym here; they just did! we should make the most of it!" Obviously, knowing this was all a joke, we just kept laughing. They decided they were tired and should take a break from working out and read our magazine with us. When we tried to ask for names, they responded with superhero names. We all joked around for fifteen minutes about how it is completely normal for five 20+ year old guys to dress in costumes on Sunday afternoons. The guys then proceeded to invite us over to their flat but we all politely declined. They left their phone number and address and started carrying their gym equipment home. On the way, they ran into more people and put on the same routine. The Joker and Spiderman then decided to climb one of the trees located in the quad area. All of a sudden, Spiderman jumped off the tree and the Joker broke the branch and held onto it as he fell to the ground! A security guard saw these guys and started running over to them. By this time, the crew had loaded their gym materials into a shopping cart and all started running away while carrying the branch and pushing the shopping cart! Unfortunately for them, the shopping cart toppled over as they rounded the corner and pieces of their gym equipment were scattered on the floor. Four of the guys continued to run while Spiderman stayed back to gain the equipment. Obviously, the security guard caught up to Spiderman and stopped him from running away. We aren't exactly sure what happened from there - they talked for a while and then we saw Spiderman walk away with all of his equipment - but we think they are receiving a fine of some sort for breaking the tree because we saw him lifting the tree and heard him saying he would plant another one. Everyone in the quad was speechless at this point but only we had heard and seen this entire situation from the start. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life and I wish i had been carrying my video camera at the time! Who knew sitting in the quad could be so entertaining?

Tonight, the girls and I decided to do a dinner together and get to know eachother more. It really was a lot of fun and now we are all just getting ready for the start of classes tomorrow morning. We are about to start watching Yes Man before falling asleep. Classes tomorrow should be interesting!

Posted by topspin98 23:47

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Haha! The funniest moments seem to find you! This will teach you a lesson to CARRY YOUR CAMERA AND VIDEO CAMERA! Are you sure Vinny was not one of the superheroes?? Can't wait to hear about classes. Wonder if the accent will throw you in lectures!

by geneseomom

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