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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- start of the transition

Sorry for the delay in posts but, as you can imagine, this week has been hectic and confusing. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Christchurch in my flat, K149 aka the Loony Bin. The mood was very dim and it was upsetting waking up on Tuesday and being the only person there. (It was also a little creepy because , due to the earthquake, my door doesn't close/lock.) At around 3:30, Shalley came back to the flat to pack up her things for Wellington! We caught up for for a while and then ehard people coming into our flat. We had been joined by three Salvation Army ladies for the week. We talked to them for a while about the earthquake and then separated into our own rooms. Dan came over for a while and we listened to music before I forced him to watch Greek. Eventually, Dan went back to his flat and Shelley came upstairs to drag me with her to a flat downstairs. About everyone left in Ilam (which was only maybe 30 people), had moved their couches outside and were having a party before they left the next day. It was fun but also depressing that we will probably never see each other again.

Wednesday I was still waiting for answers and informationa bout transferring. I had decided that if we were forced to go to Auckland, I was coming home. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and it would not have been anything close to my dreamtrip. At 4:00 we had a meeting with Anna Foster, head of study abroad/exchange in NZ, and she said we could either got to Uni of Auckland or Uni of Otago in Dunedin. To be honest, at that point, I was convinced I was already gonig home. I called my parents, told them it was over, then started hysterically crying knowing that it wasn't even close to over. I couldn't leave. The thought of going home was much more upsetting tahnt he thought of staying but I was still apprehensive about the next couple of days. I talked to my former flatmate and good friend liz who had already transferred to Otago and, with the help of her and my paernts, I knew I was transferring to Otago. I immediately sent in the form and started preparing for the week that lay ahead of me. This adventure was nowhere near over.

Thursday, I woke up with a plan. I needed to htakl to Anna Foster about transferring, do laundry, buy a bus ticket, get a haircut, go for a run to clear my head, and then obviously start packing. In about two hours, bu tickets were bokoed and everything was a go with the study abroad office. I walked to Riccarton mall (which was still surrounded by earthquake recovery volunteers and cops) for a haircut and then walked back to Ilam to go for a run. After a QUICK (because we are still conserving water) shower, I did my laundry and could finally start packing. By this time, it was about 7:30pm and Dan was on his way over. We listened to music, mostly Taylor Swift, and joked around until just after midnight. We were both putting off saying the unavoidable goodbye. When we had said goodbye last year, it was hard but made easier by the fact that we would be seeing eachother again in six months and we would have five full months to hang out. Now, after only three weeks, it felt so unfair. We were best friends in Geneseo and it was comforting knowing he was only a 10 minute walk down the street here in Christchurch. The five hour drive between Christchurch and Dunedin seemed to make those random visits a problem. I made him promise to come visit me before we hugged and said goodbye. For the rest of the night, I listened to music and finished packing.

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